University Scholarship
Endowment Fund

Each January, Horizon awards a percentage of the University Scholarship Endowment Fund in the form of scholarships to deserving orphans as they pursue their dreams in African universities or vocational schools.


Promising youth that have a dream...

Ambrose has a dream, he wants to be a mechanical engineer. He has faced a number of obstacles in pursuit of his dream, for he is an orphan. Ambrose lost his parents as a young teenager. He soon became sponsored through Horizon International, and began receiving the food, clothing, and education he needed to graduate from high school.

Then he got sick, requiring emergency surgery. Once again, Horizon was able to help, paying for his hospital expenses through the Children's Reserve Fund. Then his grandmother died, leaving him all alone in the world.

Still he has his dream. Horizon awarded Ambrose a scholarship from it University Scholarship Endowment Fund, enabling him to enroll as a student in a college.

There are many children like Ambrose and Jennifer who are graduating from Horizon's orphan sponsorship ministry. And they have dreams they want to fulfill too!

Their dreams are worthy, God-inspired goals that will someday transform Africa. And you can help make their dreams come true by make a donation to the University Scholarship Endowment Fund or by becoming a member of Horizon's Tenfold Team.


Tenfold Team

The Tenfold Team is a group of Horizon friends who believe in the importance of investing in the lives and dreams of orphans who are graduating from high school.

To become a member of Horizon's Tenfold Team, one commits to two things:

  • Giving $10 a month to Horizon's University Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Enlisting one or more persons to join the Tenfold Team

Each month, members of the Tenfold Team will receive a letter sharing an inspiring story about one of the orphans we want to help and the dreams they are pursuing.

The $10 that Tenfold Team members give each month will be invested in Horizon's University Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Every ten dollars given is ten dollars that never has to be raised again. Each $10 gift becomes part of a growing endowment fund that enables Horizon to award more and more scholarship dollars to orphans every year.

Your $10 gift each month can literally multiply itself "tenfold." When joined together with the $10 monthly gifts of other Tenfold Team members, we can really make it possible for our graduating African high school students to follow their dreams.

Join the Tenfold Team!