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The Power of a Soccer Ball

boy playing soccer

Dear Friends,

Kids in every culture LOVE sports!

Several years ago, I discovered the power behind a single soccer ball.

An American team from Highland Park Community Church in Casper, Wyoming was conducting a Vacation Bible School in Sekgopo Village, Limpopo Province, South Africa.  This was before we had erected fences and built the Sekgopo Drop-in Center.

A thousand kids were divided into a dozen groups.  Each group was assigned to a different outdoor learning center.  One group focused on a craft.  Another on an art project.  Still another a particular Bible story.

Over the course of a week, the groups would rotate to each learning center.  I was assigned the group that would play soccer.

On the first day, I made a HUGE mistake!  I dropped a soccer ball.

Before I knew it, the kids from the other groups, plus my own, descended upon that soccer ball like a pack of wolves after a rabbit.  Imagine a thousand kids having the time of their lives chasing after one soccer ball!

Someone in the Highland Park group later observed that our Vacation Bible School ended for the day the moment that soccer ball hit the ground.

You can make a similar impact, a far more positive one, by helping us to buy soccer balls and other sports equipment for our African orphans.

Andries and Nelly van der Merwe, our Regional Directors in Limpopo, have requested funding to purchase soccer uniforms and shoes for our team from the Sekgopo Orphan Drop-in Center.  Our Sekgopo team plays teams from area schools.

Each soccer uniform and pair of shoes costs $115.  There are 15 kids on the team.

Soccer balls for the Sekgopo team are also needed.  A good soccer ball can be purchased for around $15.

Life Center, our orphan ministry partner in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is requesting funding to purchase soccer balls, darts, basketballs, and table tennis.  These items will be used by our sponsored kids every time this Children’s Club gathers together.

Our partners with Horizon Zambia in Lusaka and Chongwe District, Zambia are asking for money to buy soccer uniforms and balls, netball jerseys and balls, volleyball nets and balls, as well as basketballs.

Horizon Zambia operates approximately 20 Children’s Clubs.

Similar requests have been made by our partners in the western, central, and eastern regions of Uganda.

Tatenda and Lucia Gunguwo, however, have REALLY grasped the power of a single soccer ball.

The Gunguwos are our Regional Directors in Harare, Zimbabwe.  They partner with 600 Christian congregations that belong to a fellowship called Eternal Word.

Many of these congregations were launched with a single soccer ball.

The Gunguwos and their field workers go into a rural area, spread the word that a soccer game will soon begin, and a speaker then shares about Jesus during a break.

A number of these congregations sponsor Horizon Children’s Clubs and provide the spiritual nurture that our sponsored kids receive each week.

The Gunguwos are asking for 200 soccer balls.

You can unleash the power of a single soccer ball and the energy of a tsunami wave through sports by making it possible to buy soccer balls and other equipment for our sponsored orphans and their friends.

Will you join me by making a generous gift today?  Your donation will make lots of kids break out with rapturous laughter!

Yours for creating SMILES,

Bob Pearson
Founder and President