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Responding to the call of God

Zambian staff

How do we find and fulfill the central purpose of our lives?

Callen and Lucy Silwamba, the newest members of our Horizon Zambia team, have wrestled with this question for the last couple of years.

They have successfully planted churches for the last decade through their children’s ministry in the Northern Province of their country near the Tanzanian border.

Feeling restless within, however, and sensing that God is calling them to a wider ministry, the Silwambas began to pray and seek the Lord with all of their hearts.

In essence, they began a journey of rediscovery that Os Guinness talks about in his book, “The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose for Your Life,” page 29.

In this landmark book, Guinness defines the call of God in this way:

“Calling is the truth that God calls us to himself so decisively that everything we are, everything we do, and everything we have is invested with a special devotion, dynamism, and direction to be lived out as a response to his summons and service.”

As part of their quest, Callen and Lucy reached out to their long-time friends, Moses and Cecilia Sakala, National Directors of Horizon Zambia.

Interestingly, the Sakalas and I had been praying that God would send us a seasoned couple to fulfill two ministry assignments.
First, we were looking for a couple to serve as the Project Managers of the new National Orphan Ministry Center in Chongwe District.

The kind of leaders we were praying for are builders, persons who are ready to take on the challenge of overseeing the development of the Center.

Second, we were asking God to raise up leaders who could facilitate Horizon Zambia’s new orphan care ministry in Nyimba District, next door to Chongwe.

We have more than 20 partner churches in Nyimba who would like us to establish Children’s Clubs and “create a world of hope” through them for the many orphans of their communities. We currently have three that are ministering to 150+ kids who have lost their moms and dads.

The Sakalas quickly noted that the Silwambas uniquely fit both of these ministry assignments.

A few weeks ago, Callen and Lucy moved their three young children into the new Staff Residence on the grounds of the National Orphan Ministry Center in Chongwe.

Now, we need to equip this dynamic and committed young couple with a slightly used double cab truck.

This vehicle will be able to traverse the rugged terrain of both Chongwe and Nyimba Districts as the Silwambas purchase and deliver food to orphans and their caregivers, and visit the various Children’s Clubs.

In order to purchase such a vehicle, we need $25,000. The GOOD NEWS is, we already have $14,000, which means another $11,000 will get the Silwambas their truck.

Will you prayerfully consider what you can do to assist with this opportunity?

One of the lessons that Callen & Lucy are relearning as they have taken their recent “leap of faith” is that “everyone, everywhere, and everything should think, speak, live, and act entirely for God” (Guinness).

Does our Lord expect anything less from you and me?

Grateful for the risen Christ, the Silwambas, and you,

Bob Pearson
Founder and President

P.S. Your gift of $35, $75, $150, $300, or whatever you feel led to give will move us toward the goal!