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Replacing Filthy Rags

Used clothes for kids

Dear Friends,

It has been said that great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones come daily. 

You will be thrilled to learn of a GREAT OPPORTUNITY that God has given to Horizon, as well as a SMALL WAY that you can bless orphans TODAY.

Our Own Home children's home in Jinja, UgandaHorizon has been thrilled to partner with Our Own Home in Jinja, Uganda since approximately 2008.  For the last nine years, we have sponsored between 50 and 60 HIV+ kids through Our Own Home.

A few months ago, we learned that Our Own Home was going to close.  We immediately asked the question, “What will happen to our sponsored kids?”

We were told that the kids would be placed in a dozen less than desirable locations, a number of whom were unequipped to care for HIV+ kids.

We obviously knew what this meant!  Some of our kids wouldn’t live long.

This option was UNACCEPTABLE to us.  So, we approached Our Own Home and inquired about Horizon Uganda taking over the administrative and fundraising responsibilities as well as the child sponsorship supervision.

Our Own Home readily agreed.  Two emergency trips this Spring to Uganda resulted in the legal transfer of $600,000 (USD) in facilities and property assets from Our Own Home in Uganda to Horizon Uganda.

A young couple named Joshua and Miriam Tumwisige from our team in western Uganda immediately moved their family from the Town of Fort Portal in Kabarole District to Our Own Home in Buikwe District—a distance of six hours by car.

Horizon Uganda then launched a new Eastern Region, using the facilities of Our Own Home as its base.

Another Horizon Uganda team member from our Central Region, including the capital city of Kampala, also moved to Buikwe to join the Tumwisiges.  Her name is Rebekah Ayabala.

Through Rebekah’s leadership, five Children’s Clubs have already been formed in Buikwe District.  Some 200 orphans and their caregivers are being taught the Word of God through these Clubs, including many Muslim kids.

Horizon is now laying plans to recruit American sponsors for a number of these new children and youth.

Eventually, each of these Children’s Clubs will form the hub for the formation of new churches.

Here’s how you can help in a powerful and impactful way!

Recently, Joshua told me on the phone that most of these newly identified orphans needing sponsorship are DESPERATE.

“Uncle Bob,” he pleaded, “the clothes they are wearing are filthy rags.”

You and I can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the lives of these kids.  Your gift of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more will enable Joshua and his team to purchase good, second-hand clothing for these 200 kids.

Your gift will help these kids, and others like them, to know in a very tangible way that God loves and values them—that He hasn’t forgotten them.

The urgency in Joshua’s voice, and the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”(Matthew 25:40), COMPELS US to “go the second mile” and provide assistance to these precious children.

Will you join me?  Even now, before you put this letter aside?  Thank you!

Grateful for God, the kids of Buikwe, and you,

Bob Pearson
Founder and President