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November 30, 2017
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February 1, 2018
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Purpose is what gives life meaning

Small orphan girl being held by big sister

Dear Friends,

Purpose is what gives life meaning.

My father-in-law, Richard Fisher, loved to be a Horizon child sponsor.

One of the highlights of his life was when letters were exchanged with Abraham, the Zambian teenage boy that he felt privileged to sponsor.

When Dick’s health began to decline, one of his concerns was what was going to happen to Abraham.

My wife, Kathy, echoed this concern because Abraham had lost his original Horizon sponsor, and had to drop out of school while he waited for another sponsor.
The truth is, he waited a long time before Dick found him.

Kathy didn’t want Abraham to go through the agony of being dropped again, so we assured Dick that Abraham’s sponsorship would be picked up by other members of our family.

We lost Dick in the early morning hours of Monday, October 16. He was one month shy of 87 years of age. Abraham was listed in Dick’s obituary as one of his survivors.

A few days later, I was able to spend an hour with Abraham and his older sister in Lusaka, Zambia. While they felt the loss of Dick deeply, they were quite concerned about how Kathy was doing, and communicated their love for her through video.

The kids pictured on the this sheet have each experienced deep loss—the loss of their parents, and the loss of their first Horizon sponsor.

If you are looking for additional purpose and meaning in your life as a New Year begins, you might want to prayerfully consider sponsoring one of these delightful African children or youth.

Consider ten-year-old Catherine Tembo (ZMCHMULO 0113) who lives with her aunt in Chongwe District, Zambia.

Catherine is an only child, whose father was murdered in 2009. Until she lost her sponsor, she was enrolled in the third grade of her local elementary school where her favorite subject was science.

For $40 a month, you can put Catherine back in school and provide for her other basic needs.

Then there’s 17-year-old Trymore Chaumba who resides at the Dawnview Park Children’s Home in Harare, Zimbabwe.

He is known as a hard worker in school where his favorite subject is commerce. Trymore is excited about his future, but he needs a sponsor to help him finish his high school studies so he can pursue his dream of becoming a journalist.

Older kids, for whatever reason, are more difficult to sponsor than younger ones. Their dream of a future through education is within their grasp, but they are just short of the finish line and need your help to cross it.

$40 a month will make this possible.

Another young teenager is 13-year-old Maryjane Maake. She lives in Sekgopo Village, Limpopo Province, South Africa with her grandmother.

Maryjane is an only child who loves to cook. As a seventh grader, her favorite subject is English.

For $40 a month, you can become Maryjane’s sponsor and exchange letters with her just like Richard Fisher did with Abraham.

Looking for more purpose and meaning in your life?

Visit our sponsorship page or give our child sponsorship team a call at 866.778.7020 or 765.778.1016 and sponsor one of these great kids!

You will be blessed beyond measure and thankful that you did!

Grateful for you in the new year,

Bob Pearson
Founder and President