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Loss Often Inspires Generosity

Giving a gift

Dear Friends,

Loss often inspires generosity. 

Fires have recently consumed record acreage in the States of California, Montana, and Washington.

Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that followed decimated southeast Texas and western Louisiana.

Irma hit Florida and the southeastern coast hard with its wide and destructive path.

Many in our country have experienced excruciating loss in recent weeks.

So have the orphans we sponsor in Ethiopia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. They have lost their parents and, in many cases, their self-esteem, their dreams, their hope of a bright future.

In the midst of the loss, however, stories of incredible generosity have emerged.

An elderly couple that I know in their early eighties lost nearly everything recently when Harvey’s flooding filled their Houston home with several feet of water.

When the water receded, members of their Houston congregation rallied and began the cleanup and restoration.

Out of the devastation of the African AIDS pandemic have come some amazing young people who are giving back as they model the generosity of their American sponsors.

Abongile Kwaza is becoming a social worker in a marginalized community.

Confi Tobo is currently in Nepal learning about community development following a devastating earthquake there.

Adam Kamunde has joined our Horizon team in Harare, Zimbabwe to help orphaned kids like he was once helped.

Jennifer Maake is preparing to develop water systems for rural areas of northern South Africa.

Sophia Rampedi will graduate in December from the University of Johannesburg with a degree in mechanical engineering. Like Jenn, she has committed her life to designing water systems, playgrounds, soccer fields, and the like to benefit kids in villages like the one she calls home.

Real kids, giving back, in spite of their loss, because you and I sacrificed to sponsor them. They are simply doing with their lives what we have modeled.

Now, another generation of sponsored kids are growing up behind them. The seeds of generosity are being planted in them by their American sponsors, our dedicated African partners, and Horizon GO Team participants.

In this season of loss, we can water the seeds of generosity that have been planted in our African kids through sponsorship.

For a gift as small as $10, we can provide each of our kids with a gift this Christmas—a needed article of clothing, a toy, school supplies, and the like.

Yes, this Fall, many Americans have lost everything. They need our help, and we should give them all that we can.

Out of our loss, however, we have been handed an opportunity.

We can make an incredible impact and create a stirring memory in the lives of our sponsored kids that will mold and shape their worldview and plant the seeds of generosity in their spirits that will bless others through them for many years to come.

All for a gift of $10 or more!

Join me as I support American relief efforts in the wake of Harvey and Irma, and as I bring Christmas joy this year to our precious kids in Africa!

Grateful for God and you,

Bob Pearson
Founder and President