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How to Make MAXIMUM Impact!

Andries and Nelly van der Merwe

MAXIMUM impact!

Isn’t this what you want to accomplish through your life? I certainly do!

Supporting the salaries of Andries and Nelly van der Merwe and their Horizon Thusanang team is definitely one of the ways to really make your life count for God.

Let me share several reasons why.

Daily Orphan Care
Every day, Monday-Friday, the van der Merwes and their team facilitate the care of 830+ orphaned children and youth who live in approximately 25 Sepedi and Shangaan tribal villages in Lataba Sub-district, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

These are kids who have lost both their mommies and their daddies.

Because of the hard work of this dynamic Horizon Thusanang team, more than 600 of these kids receive a hot, nutritious meal every day after school at one of four strategically placed Orphan Drop-in Centers.

The rest of our sponsored kids receive larger-than-normal food parcels.

When these 600+ kids gather at their Drop-in Center, they worship, engage in Bible study, participate in specialty ministries like choir and drama, are tutored in their homework, and enjoy sports.

Madumeleng Orphan Drop-in Center

Madumeleng Orphan Drop-in Center

Drop-in Center Construction
This year has been particularly stretching for Andries and Nelly.

Facility construction at three of our four Drop-in Centers has kept Andries fully engaged with contractors and officials of the government and local tribes.

Major progress at Madumeleng has occurred with the completion of the kitchen and the drilling of a new well. Next steps include the completion of the exterior brick walls and the construction of several classrooms.

A second building was constructed recently at the Drop-in Center in Ramaroka, along with the drilling of a new well. This Drop-in Center is now functionally complete.

Our Drop-in Center in Matipane will soon relocate to a large piece of land on the other side of the valley from its original location. Later this year, the first phase of the Drop-in Center will be built, and the Children’s Club of 150+ kids will be relocated.

2018 YALT Conference in Limpopo

YALT Conference

YALT Conference
From May 7-11, Horizon Thusanang sponsored a Young Adult Leadership Training Conference for 32 recent graduates of our orphan sponsorship ministry.

The purpose of the Conference was to help these young adults discern God’s calling upon their lives, and to determine the next steps they need to take to pursue their calling.

Several of these young adults will be considered for university scholarships through Horizon. Some will enroll in vocational training schools. Others will be sent to vocational guidance counselors for testing.

All of this and more is happening because of the excellent work of Andries and Nelly and the rest of their team.

They need our financial support for their salaries so that they can continue their outstanding ministry. Your gift of $10, $25, $50, $100, or whatever you feel led by God to give will make this possible! Thanks in advance!

Yours for maximum impact,

Bob Pearson
Founder and President