Types of Teams

Bulawayo Adventure Camp

Global Outreach or GO Teams include many different aspects of service in the effort to provide Hope through AIDS orphans. The following is a list of different types of teams with brief descriptions of the different possibilities. Other aspects of GO Teams are also included.

1Adventure Teams
Adventure Teams are designed around the idea of facilitating ministry and involvement with students or children in one of Horizon's ministry centers. They could include retreats for African teenage orphans, Vacation Bible School style ministry for children, or other ideas a church or team may develop for these groups. Adventure Teams are a great opportunity for family mission teams.
2Construction Teams
With the growing infrastructure of Horizon there are always needs to construct new or rehabilitate existing ministry facilities. Construction Teams are organized around a specific project that has been approved by Horizon or to work on projects funded by the GO Team or the sending organization.
3Conference Teams
There is a growing opportunity to interact with our African leaders to give them leadership and training resources. This would include teams that would facilitate specific ministry such as women' or men's conferences. Educating and resourcing leaders has a beneficial ripple effect that positively affects the suffering children. Conference Teams are organized around the idea of providing resources that will facilitate learning environments where we can mutually share our intellectual and spiritual resources with one another.
4Professional Skills Teams

Medical, emotional, and financial needs abound. Professional Teams are organized around the goal of interacting with Africans for the purpose of bringing relief in these areas. Medical, Mental health and Financial professionals are encouraged to offer their gifts and talents in ways that bring relief to the children and their caregivers. These could include clinics or training seminars.

Note: Some combination of these activities on one team is possible and often preferable. Regardless of the scope of the team, interaction with children is always a high priority.

5Vision Teams
Vision Teams are for pastors, missional and other leaders who want to experience a broad scope of Horizon ministries on one trip. These teams are generally longer in duration and larger in scope than other types of teams and will visit as many ministry sites as possible. They are intended to help leaders discern where God may be leading them to invest future human and financial resources. Most often, Vision Teams will be led by Horizon Founder and President Bob Pearson.
6Global Outreach Extended Stay Teams
GOES Teams allow travelers to have a larger impact on the communities they work in. Many of our volunteers have spent anywhere from two weeks to six months working in one or multiple areas of Africa. These teams consist of GO Team members who have been on multiple trips before. They often meet up with our other teams to help in different areas and travel in smaller groups. Our Goes Teams provide a way for those who wish to devote more time toward African ministry.