Additional Information - GO Teams

Time Allotment

There are two aspects regarding the issue of time allotment. Most GO Teams are about 10 or 11 days in length. They are generally scheduled to leave on a Friday and return on a Sunday or Monday a week later. However, on a larger scale, all GO Team members are asked to participate in three Team Building Sessions (see below) which can be scheduled at your location. Ideally, these sessions should be scheduled every two to three weeks beginning about 8 weeks prior to departure. Sometimes it is possible for the Team Building Sessions to be conducted on one weekend at least 4 weeks prior to departure. So, GO Teams should be viewed and prioritized as a 2-4 month experience rather than just a 10 to 12 day trip.

Special Activities

In spite of the intense suffering throughout the continent, there are many natural wonders to experience in Africa. In order to provide balance and encouragement for GO Teams, we always try to schedule some special cultural activities such as visiting a game reserve and going on "safari" or visiting other natural sites and wonders of Africa. Of course, shopping is always a popular team activity.

Costs and Payment Schedules

Trips must be paid in full before a participant is allowed to go. Regularly scheduled payments will be arranged as a part of the administration of the team. Arrangements can be made with Horizon offices to ensure this is not a problem. The cost of the trip is comprehensive and includes flights, insurance, food, lodging, transportation, special events, etc. It does not cover the cost of your passport. You will be informed of any special medical requirements (for example, required immunizations) for which you will be responsible. If you need a passport visit the State Department's website for information.

Support Raising

One of the main ways team members pay for a trip is through building a Support Network. There are many people in your life who would be excited about participating with you financially or in other ways. Horizon has staff members who can help GO Team members develop a solid Support Network of people who will enjoy participating in your experience through their support. We can work with individuals or entire teams to learn this process through a session we call the Seven Steps to Building a Support Team. To learn more about this you can find more information here.

Experience Needed

How much previous travel or international experience is needed? Great Question. Horizon staff will gladly work with your team to determine what level of experience is needed for any trip. Generally, most trips and locations are suitable for entry level or seasoned travelers. Horizon trained staff will be accompanying every team where necessary. Our staff members have experience with leading hundreds of teams. It is one of our joys.

Team Building

Some people call it Trip Training; we prefer to call it Team Building because our trips are about building teams that can go and make a difference for hurting, suffering children in Africa. A well-prepared team is the key to a successful trip. To facilitate this we ask team members to consider this a 2-4 month experience that includes 3 team building sessions, rather than just a 10 day trip. We provide all the materials necessary for the sessions. The sessions deal with all the cultural and practical aspects of traveling together with 10–15 others (some you know; some you don't) for 10-12 days in a strange country.