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September 30, 2018
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December 1, 2018
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Giving a Drop of Hope to a Child!


Dear Friends,

The tragic scene is seared in my memory.

Four sleeping bags rolled out on the hard concrete sidewalk of a downtown street in Los Angeles. Two regular size for mom and dad, laid out in a protective posture on the outside perimeter; two small bags for young children between their parents.

It was 10 PM on a Sunday night. The streets were deserted except for the temporary cardboard hovels that had been erected by some of the 50,000 homeless in this southern California metropolis.

Shelters that had been set up after 6 PM to provide a little shelter from the wind and the cold, only to be taken down again by 5 AM.

The family in the sleeping bags were new arrivals, displaced from their home for any of a number of reasons—unemployment, disabilities, alcohol or drug addiction to name a few.

Some of the urban poor with nowhere to go. A threadbare sleeping bag against the hard reality of a concrete sidewalk.

I felt SO helpless.

The bags of clothes and food in the trunk of my car seemed like a drop in an ocean of need. Yet these drops kept me returning every Sunday night for two years with a small group of Christians from a non-profit called Jackets for Jesus.

Through our meager efforts, a congregation on the streets was formed, and Jesus was lifted high. A bastion of hope for the desperate and marginalized.

Fast forward thirty years to Horizon and our orphan ministry in five African countries—Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Thousands of kids without parents, looking to us for hope.

Children sleeping on the ground in the stillness of their village hut. Displaced teenagers shivering from the cold night air in alley dumpsters and under highway overpasses.

What can we do to make a difference in this sea of misery?

Sponsoring a child goes a long way. Thanks if you are blessing kids in this way.

But is there something else we can do? Yes!

Horizon operates two Children’s Homes in the country of Uganda—the Ibonde Children’s Home in the western district of Kabarole; and Covenant Children’s Home, formerly called Our Own Home, in the eastern district of Buikwe.

These Homes are havens for orphaned kids with nowhere else to go, except the streets.

For a one-time gift of $40, we can purchase a mattress for one of the kids who live in these Homes.

We currently need 100 mattresses for the Ibonde children, and 60 for the Covenant kids. Some of our sponsored kids who live with their grandparents, or aunts and uncles, also need mattresses.

Will you prayerfully consider making a difference in the life of an Ibonde or Covenant child by helping them sleep on a comfortable mattress?

Your $40 gift can make this happen. Perhaps you can buy two or more. If you can’t afford $40, maybe you can donate $20 or even $10. Do whatever God leads you to do, and know that the Lord will make it a blessing—a needed drop of hope for a child!

Thankful for you,

Bob Pearson
Founder and President