Gift Cards

A Gift That Gives Twice


You give a gift to them.

They pass that gift on to the orphans in Africa.

Our gift cards give you the opportunity to honor a friend or family member with a truly unique and special gift.

When the recipient redeems the card for their choice of items in our gift catalog, they choose what form to pass on that gift to the orphans we serve in Africa.

This can be a great tool to teach children about giving, generosity, and selflessness, or to introduce an adult to Horizon and our mission.

Whether for Christmas, a birthday, or anniversary, our gift cards are a great option for any special occasion.

Gift cards are available in four denominations: $15, $25, $50, and $100.


How it Works

  1. You purchase gift cards.
  2. We mail gift cards and greeting cards to you.
  3. You send it in a greeting card or drop it in a stocking.
  4. Recipient redeems the card on our website for the gift catalog items of their choice. Easy to follow instructions are printed on the back of each card.
Note: Gift cards expire one year from purchase date. Unredeemed gift card funds will be used where most needed.

Gift Card FAQs

1Do Gift Cards expire?
Yes. They expire one year after the purchase date.
2What happens when a Gift Card is not redeemed or expires?
Funds from unredeemed cards, and expired cards, are transferred into our "Where Most Needed" fund.
3Can multiple gift cards be redeemed at the same time?
Yes. You can redeem multiple gift cards in a single transaction.
4What if the item(s) I want to choose is more than my gift card?
You may apply your gift card balance to any item(s) you desire to bless our orphans with and then simply make a gift yourself to cover the overage.