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Feeding Our Kids

Food supplements

Dear Friends,

Relebogile Mathye is like any other twelve year old African girl.

She loves to go to school and hang out with her friends.

Unfortunately, there’s another similarity. Relebogile, like too many other kids in Lebjelola Village, is an orphan.

She and her two sisters, Melateko and Mmogo, lost their mother when they were very young. They have never known their dad.

Through the help of her American sponsors, Relebogile is enrolled in an elementary school in Sekgopo Village, Limpopo Province, South Africa where her favorite subject is English.

She likes to play netball with her friends, and she is a voracious reader.

Together with her sisters, she lives with her aunt who takes them to church on Sunday mornings.

Every day after school, Monday through Friday, Relebogile and 250 other orphaned children and youth like her, come to the Horizon Children’s Club at the Sekgopo Drop-in Center.

Once there, they gather for worship and Bible study, engage in sports, receive tutoring help with their school homework in the Center’s computer lab, and then they enjoy their main meal of the day before returning home.

This daily meal is absolutely critical for Relebogile’s ongoing health and well-being.

A typical after-school meal consists of chicken; beets; butternut squash; and pap, a South African corn mush staple, not unlike hot cream of wheat cereal.

Her child sponsor’s money covers her breakfasts and meals on weekends.

In order for Horizon to provide Relebogile with her all-important meal of the day, we must raise $30,000 a year to purchase food.

Approximately 650 sponsored kids in Horizon’s four Orphan Drop-in Centers in Limpopo Province, South Africa depend upon this food in order to survive and thrive.

Sponsored kids in several other areas of Africa need extra food beyond what our child sponsorship dollars provide. This necessary funding is on top of the $30,000 reserved for Limpopo’s kids.

Your donation of $35, $75, $150, $300, or whatever God lays upon your heart, will make it possible for Relebogile to continue receiving the nutritious food that she so deserves.

Thank you for giving this gift to this wonderful young girl!

Grateful to God for you,

Bob Pearson
Founder and President