Coronavirus Updates

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

Our Children

  • Our children are all being cared for as usual
  • Schools, Drop-In Centers, and Children's Clubs have closed.
  • Sponsorship funds that are normally spent on school fees are being shifted to food purchased to provide kids with larger than normal food parcels
  • Currently there are confirmed cased in all of the countries in which we work

Our Ministry

  • Our Children's Reserve Fund—which is used to respond to crisis situations and to cover medical treatment beyond basic care—is dangerously low
  • The economic impacts of the virus on churches and individuals in the U.S. are going to affect Horizon's income and hamper our ability to minister to the children
  • Children will lose sponsors as the economic fallout grows
  • Our staff are mostly working remotely, so please have patience as responses to phone calls may be delayed.

How You Can Help

  • Pray
    • Pray for our children, caregivers, and African staff
    • Pray for medical staff diagnosing and treating those with the virus
    • Pray for our staff as we operate remotely
  • Continue to sponsor your child(ren) and consider sponsoring an additional child
  • Make a special gift to the Children's Reserve Fund