Coronavirus Updates

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

Latest Updates from Our Partners (July 2021)

Moses Sakala - Lusaka, Zambia

  • Before the onset of our cold season which runs from May to August, we were warned by health professionals that we would see an increase in Covid infections in a third wave. Given that Zambia had seen a relative low number of infections in the first and second waves, many of us were not alarmed by the warnings of a third-wave.
  • But when the third wave did come, it caught us all off guard. We have seen unprecedented infections and deaths. It seems that we are dealing with the Delta variant which is more virulent and deadly. In a few short weeks, hospitals are full and cannot take in any more patients.
  • In a few short weeks, hospitals are full and cannot take in any more patients. People are left battling for their lives in their homes. Even for those in the hospitals, there are no medicines and there is no oxygen. Medical staff are overwhelmed.
  • The situation is expected to get even worse in the next few weeks.
  • All staff and kids have so far been safe from serious Covid illness. This is nothing short of a miracle. Pray for continued preservation from serious illness.

Kate Bain - KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

  • South Africa is into the 3rd wave of the Covid pandemic with the highest recorded new daily infections, 26,485 on Saturday, July 3rd
  • We have again entered level 4 lockdown with schools closing early for the holidays, curfew extended from 9pm to 4am and all restaurants have closed; public gatherings are prohibited.
  • It is illegal to be in public without wearing a mask; it carries a 6 month prison sentence!
  • Schooling: When the president announced that schools had to close early, many children were still in the process of writing their mid-year exams. These children will be completing their exams upon their return to school in the 3rd term. Children have been attending school on alternate days to maintain social distancing. To accommodate this, the education department cut the year’s education curriculum. We have found this to be having a huge impact on the children’s motivation and marks.
  • South Africa has been rolling out the vaccines to 60 years and above over the last 2 months, and have this last week opened up for 50 to 59 years old. Unfortunately, there is a lot of fake news being spread about the dangers of the vaccines, which has placed great amounts of fear on people and who are refusing the vaccine. We have not yet reached 1% of the population being fully vaccinated yet. Our president is pleading with people to be vaccinated to end this terrible pandemic. Please pray for the South African nation to adhere to our president’s request.

Derrick & Mercy Banda - Chongwe, Zambia

  • The kids closed schools temporarily awaiting government's assessment of the Third Wave impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Food parcels distributions are done accordingly but with challenges of prices increasing almost every time you get to grocery stores.
  • It is obviously risky to even think of doing kids food supplies purchases due to a public exposure to many different people who are not following Covid-19 preventive measures or guidelines.
  • The other impact that is really negative on our kids has been poor school performance as a result of kids not being consistent in school. This has also seen many kids losing interest in going back to school, instead are taking options of dropping out.

Ina van der Walt - Bloekombos, Western Cape, South Africa

  • None of our children or their carers have contracted this nasty virus. Why? Simply because they strictly abide to the Covid-19 rules. Wearing a mask, washing hands, sanitizing and keeping their distance. We are so proud of them.
  • Our food distribution are also still done on a regular basis. Every Friday we hand out a small food parcel to 9 children. Having so many children on sponsorship and food supplies very low, we now divide the kids into groups of 9.
  • We can do nothing else but just thank our LORD for keeping us all safe.

Tatenda Gunguwo - Harare, Zimbabwe

  • No gatherings are being allowed and it is becoming expensive to distribute food.
  • Distribution is being done on door-to-door basis.
  • The lockdowns are not stable as they are being reviewed on daily bases hampering proper planning.
  • No children’s clubs are being run as gatherings are not allowed. Intercity travelling is prohibited; therefore making it hard to obtain correspondences on time even though we are gradually facilitating them. Moreover the pandemic has had a negative effect on the relationship with the children.

General Situation

Our Children

  • Our children are all being cared for as usual
  • Schools, Drop-In Centers, and Children's Clubs have closed
  • Sponsorship funds that are normally spent on school fees are being shifted to food purchased to provide kids with larger than normal food parcels
  • Due to postal shutdowns in Africa, we are currently unable to send or receive letters or gifts

Our Ministry

  • Our Children's Reserve Fund—which is used to respond to crisis situations and to cover medical treatment beyond basic care—is dangerously low
  • Many children have lost sponsors due to the economic fallout from COVID

How You Can Help

  • Pray
    • Pray for our children, caregivers, and African staff
    • Pray for medical staff diagnosing and treating those with the virus
    • Pray for our staff as we operate remotely
  • Continue to sponsor your child(ren) and consider sponsoring an additional child
  • Make a special gift to our Coronavirus Relief Fund